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April 2019

Spring Filled with New Growth
As I sit here looking through the window at a beautiful blue sky with little white clouds floating by, and hearing the birds sing, I’m reminded that winter is hopefully behind us and spring is here. After this winter, I can speak for most people: “We are all done with winter.” We are ready to get outside to plan a garden or flowers or focus on nature. This is an exciting season as flowers begin to bloom, leaves pop out on trees, and new growth is evident.

Jesus often used growth in his parables. The one I’m thinking about today is the farmer who goes out on a day very much like today to see how his field is doing. He has spread out the seed, and today is the day that the little green shoots are just peeking through the surface. So what will he find? He finds several things, depending on where the seed fell. There are some seeds that didn’t even develop, because birds ate them. Some are popping up between the rocks, but the farmer knows they don’t have the roots to actually grow there. Some of the seed is sprouting up well, but it’s surrounded by weeds that will choke it out. And then there are the seeds that are going to be fruitful: in good soil, away from the birds, the rocks, and the thorns.

Jesus explains to His disciples in Matthew 13 that this is how it is for us, when we hear God’s Word…there are many things that will try to keep us from growing. Satan will try to take the truth away from us. We’ll be tested with persecution, and the worries of the world and money will try to choke us. So here are the questions:

How good is your soil? Have the birds been kept away? Is the soil free from rocks? Are the weeds being kept at bay?

We need each other, to help protect us as we grow. We need good community to keep our soil clear and clean. I pray during this Lenten Season that we can grow in community with each other but also take this time to see how good our soil is. Are there things that are keeping us from growing in our relationship with Christ? I hope each of us can pray to God each day to give us the knowledge to be able to help his kingdom and know that God will always show us the way to draw closer to him in our relationships with others and in a relationship with him.

Scripture for April 2019
4-07-2019 -- Maundy Thursday: A Supper, A Garden, and Religion Gone Bad -- Mark 26: 26-28, 36-39; Mark 14: 53, 65
4-14-2019 -- Good Friday: The Trial and Crucifixion of Jesus -- Mark 5: 6-7, 11-15, 22-25
4-21-2019 -- Easter: From Despair to Hope -- John 19: 41-42, 20:1, 11-18
4-28-2019 -- Guest Speaker: Matt Johnson

In Christ’s Love,
Pastor Debbie Senters